10 Things You Should Know About Dental Exams

Posted by DR. RONALD F. JACOB on Nov 17 2021, 06:39 AM

Everyone understands the need to maintain regular dental appointments for good dental health. But perhaps you haven't considered the numerous advantages of regular dental visits or the things you can do in between appointments to help preserve good oral health and keep the dentist's work and your expenditures to a minimum.

Here are the top ten facts regarding dental appointments that our dentist, Dr. Jacob at Ronald F. Jacob, DMD, Comprehensive Dentistry in Palm Coast, Florida, wants you to know about dental exams and what you can do in between appointments to support your dental health: 

Your Toothbrush Is Important

Your toothbrush helps remove food particles caught in between or sitting on the surface of the teeth. Using it regularly helps you maintain good oral health. You should make sure to choose a toothbrush with medium to soft bristles and change it every 3 months. 

Not All Procedures Are Painful

Some people believe that all dental procedures are painful. However, this is not the case. Several treatments and procedures are now painless thanks to technological advancements.

Maintaining Dental Health Is Not Difficult

All that is required to maintain proper oral health is brushing and flossing twice a day, and keeping up with your regular dental exams every 6 months. 

What You Eat Matters

Snacks, candies, and carbonated beverages can all contribute to tooth decay. Therefore, you should avoid them as much as possible.

Delaying Any Dental Visit Is a Bad Idea

If you are diagnosed with a dental condition, delaying treatment will only make matters worse and harm your oral health. 

Halitosis Could Be a Warning Sign

If you've had bad breath for a long period, an underlying dental issue could be to blame. It is always best to seek professional help.

Never Miss Routine Dental Appointments

Regular exams aid in the prevention of cavities, oral cancer, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

Gum Disease Is Destructive

Gum disease is not only the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and children and should be monitored constantly.

Oral Cancer Screening Is Included in Routine Dental Examinations

Part of our routine dental exams is evaluating your oral cavity for signs of tumors or abnormalities that may be a sign of oral cancer.

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