Advantages of Regular Oral Exams

Posted by DR. RONALD F. JACOB on May 27 2022, 10:01 AM

Regular dental exams are vital for every person as they can help the dentist identify and address issues several dental issues. It can also help your dentist track the development of your permanent teeth and jaw and make sure that you have a healthy mouth. Listed below are the advantages of regular oral exams. 

Oral Cancer Screening

The dentist performs an oral cancer screening during a regular exam. Screenings are important because they allow the dentist to notice abnormalities in the mouth that may indicate cancer. Early detection is key to treating cancer, and the dentist will be able to refer you to a specialist for further testing if necessary.

Oral Hygiene Evaluation

Visiting your dentist regularly for oral exams is the best way to prevent potential dental issues. Your dentist can detect the earliest signs of tooth decay that signify the presence of bacteria. Early detection is important for successful treatment. When possible, your dentist will suggest a less invasive treatment to help you avoid invasive procedures.

Finding Potential Dental Problems

During your appointments, we’ll do a comprehensive exam of your mouth, including checking for any cracked teeth, loose teeth, and cavities. If we find anything, we’ll take X-rays to find out what the issue is and come up with a treatment plan.

Early Cavity Detection and Prevention

During your exam, your dental hygienist will carefully examine your entire mouth. This exam allows him or her to detect the earliest signs of tooth decay like small white spots on the surface of your teeth, which are easier to treat than more advanced forms of tooth decay.

If caught early, tooth decay can be removed with a simple cleaning. In more advanced stages, dental fillings or crowns will need to be placed in order to restore the strength of the affected tooth.

Without regular exams, tooth decay can go undetected for years and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Early Gum Disease Detection and Prevention

Regular exams allow us to diagnose gum disease in its earliest stages. Early gum disease treatment is much more successful than treatment given to more advanced cases of gum disease. There are several other advantages of regular oral exams, including. 

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