Aftercare Tips for Professional Teeth Whitening

Posted by Ronald F. Jacob on Mar 20 2023, 06:19 AM

Professional teeth whitening treatment involves the use of bleaching agents to lighten the shade of the teeth. However, it is important to take proper care of the teeth after the procedure so that the results last for a long time. Listed below are some tips to take care of the teeth after professional teeth whitening.

Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks

While your teeth are whiter, it is not permanent! Once your tooth enamel wears off, your dentin will show through and stain naturally again. Fortunately, you can avoid the staining foods and beverages that caused your discoloration in the first place and stay away from them for life. Always brush your teeth after eating or drinking dark-colored food or liquids, such as coffee, wine, blueberries, spaghetti sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, and tomato sauce. Brushing within 30 minutes can significantly decrease the amount of time the food has to stay on your teeth to discolor it.

Prevent Sugary Snacks

A healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables will help keep your breath fresh in between meals and prevent you from snacking on sugary snacks throughout the day. If you do snack, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterward to remove any lingering food particles. Consider chewing sugar-free gum after a meal to promote saliva flow and help wash away any leftover food particles. 

Floss Your Teeth 

Be sure to floss your teeth every night before bedtime after your whitening procedure. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, and carefully brush along the gum line as well as the teeth surfaces of both your upper and lower jaw.

Flossing before bed is essential to the success of professional teeth whitening because it helps remove any excess food particles or plaque lurking in the crevices of your smile. This will keep your smile healthy and beautiful after your whitening treatment!

Maintain a Healthy and Bright Smile

Patients should maintain a good oral hygiene routine after teeth whitening to keep their teeth white and stain-free. In addition to brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day, patients should avoid foods that can easily discolor teeth, such as red wine, tea, soda, berries, and dark sauces. Smoking cigarettes should also be avoided to prevent staining. Also, patients should not use at-home whitening kits more often than recommended by their dentist since these can lead to tooth sensitivity and/or damage to the enamel. Using whitening toothpaste daily can also help remove surface stains and prevent new stains from forming.

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