Food Good For Your Teeth

Posted by DR. RONALD F. JACOB on Aug 7 2022, 06:28 AM

Eating a healthy diet can benefit your entire body, including your teeth. Eating the right foods will help your teeth remain strong and healthy. Additionally, certain foods can help protect your teeth against decay, gum disease, and dental erosion.

Foods that are good for you and your teeth include:


Your body (and any adult body) is 60% water. Since water doesn't contain any sugar or calories, it's considered "free" food. Water is just as important to drink as it is to eat, so make it a habit to drink water as often as you can.


While cheeses are usually high in saturated fat, some varieties also contain calcium, phosphate, and casein, which can help strengthen your teeth.

Hard cheeses, like cheddar and Swiss, contain enamel-strengthening calcium. The bacteria in cheese also produce lactic acid, which helps lower the pH in your mouth and can help protect tooth enamel from erosion.


In addition to being delicious and nutritious, nuts can help fight cavities. Because they are high in fat, nuts are less likely to get stuck in your teeth or between teeth. They also contain compounds that fight bacteria and reduce inflammation, both of which contribute to tooth decay.

Almonds are an especially good choice for teeth. In addition to being high in calcium, almonds also contain a lot of magnesium, which helps neutralize the acids in foods that can cause tooth decay.

Cashews are also an excellent snack for your teeth. They are high in calcium and magnesium and can help remove plaque from teeth.


Pears are lower in sugar than apples, but both contain phosphorus, which helps to harden tooth enamel. Additionally, pears contain a fibrous texture that stimulates gums, improving blood flow around your teeth.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your teeth. They are full of calcium, which keeps your teeth strong. They also contain folic acid, which builds your enamel and helps prevent cavities.

Green veggies like spinach and kale are also high in fiber. This can keep your gums healthy.


Milk is an excellent source of calcium, which your teeth need to stay strong and healthy. It also naturally contains phosphorus, which strengthens tooth enamel, as well as protein, which helps repair damage to tooth enamel.

Milk also contains vitamins B12 and D, which are essential for healthy teeth.


Chicken is meat high in phosphorus, which rebuilds enamel. You can eat it on its own, in soups or casseroles, or as part of a salad.

In addition to phosphorus, chicken is also high in protein and vitamin D. Both of these nutrients keep gums healthy, and vitamin D also helps prevent bone loss.


Seafood can be good for your teeth due to its high mineral content. This mineral content helps strengthen the enamel on your teeth.

Seafood also promotes saliva production, which helps to cleanse the mouth of debris and bacteria. It may also help prevent gum disease.

However, some types of seafood can be high in mercury, which can harm your teeth and gums. It's best to eat seafood in moderation to avoid this risk.

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