How to Get a Good Deal on Braces Under $1000

Posted by DR. RONALD F. JACOB on Feb 22 2022, 10:11 PM

Braces are orthodontic devices that are used to correct your bite or straighten your teeth. While they are most commonly used by children while their jaws are still growing, the number of adults wearing braces has steadily increased over the last two or three decades.

What Is the Cost of Braces?

The first step in determining how to afford braces is to investigate your options. You can estimate how much you will pay by comparing the various types of braces and their prices. Jacob Dental Group can help you figure out how much each type of brace costs, what factors influence the price, and what you can do to minimize the cost.

How to Get Lower-Cost Braces

  • Select a Low-Cost Option

Lingual brackets are probably not a good option if you want to keep your braces costs low. Inquire with your orthodontist about all of your options and their associated costs. Braces that require fewer office visits and are made of less expensive materials will help reduce the cost.

  • Look For a Dental School Clinic

Instead of going to an orthodontic practice, look for a dental school nearby. As part of their orthodontic education, students are required to perform supervised treatments supervised by faculty members. These programs usually have lower fees or only require you to pay for materials and equipment.

  • Request a Payment Plan

Some clinics frequently collaborate with financing companies to offer flexible payment options that are less expensive than traditional credit financing. You can select from plans with low to no interest and terms of up to two years. These kinds of plans are extremely beneficial when it comes to investing in low-cost braces for adults and children.

  • Look for Dental Assistance Programs

Many states have dental assistance programs to assist low-income families in receiving necessary dental care. Non-profit organizations may be able to help with the costs in some cases. Other options include free clinics run by medical and dental volunteers, as well as grants to cover costs that you may not be able to cover in the event of an emergency.

  • Take Advantage of Your Flexible Spending Account

Even if your dental insurance does not cover orthodontics, your employer may provide a flexible spending account (FSA) or a health savings account (HSA).

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