How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Posted by DR. RONALD F. JACOB on Oct 20 2021, 07:33 AM

Thinking about tooth extraction can give you nightmares and a phobia that you will never be able to overcome. As an adult, you recognize that losing a tooth through extraction is not a good thing. This procedure can be quite taxing, not just physically but also mentally. As a result, you must plan ahead of time before having a tooth extracted.

Our skilled dentists at Ronald F. Jacob, DMD Comprehensive Dentistry in Palm Coast, Florida provides not only the best dental treatments based on your needs but also important advice on how to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth in good shape.

What Should You Do Before Having Your Teeth Extracted?

You can prepare for the extraction by using some of the methods listed below.

Ask Questions

If you have a question, don't be scared to ask it! Make a list of all the questions you want to ask your dentist when you meet with them about dental surgery. This is your opportunity to ensure that you thoroughly comprehend the tooth extraction procedure. There is no such thing as a silly question. It is the dental provider's responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable. 

Expose Medical History

Make sure your dentist is aware of your medical history. Before your procedure, you must provide your medical history. You should be thorough and not leave anything out.

  • Bacterial endocarditis
  • Congenital cardiovascular disease
  • Mechanical or biological valves
  • Liver disease
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • The immune system is weakened

Such factors will make the patient more sensitive to infections. If you have any, don't let them go to waste.

Anesthesia and Pain Management

While the dental extraction is being performed, you will most likely be sedated or anesthetized. It is critical to understand which medications are used for your specific treatment. Some people may be aware of which kind of sedation and anesthesia are most effective for them. If you've had an anesthetic before, tell the doctor about any side effects you've had. The dentist will devise a plan to keep you confident while also keeping you safe.

Avoid Eating Before Surgery

You cannot consume anything 12 hours before the procedure or until the treatment is completed. This will help prevent nausea during and after the therapy. Inform your dentist if you have an illness, such as diabetes.

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