How to Select Your Dentist

Posted by Dr. Ronald F. Jacob on Jan 30 2019, 01:46 AM

There are a few essential tips that you’ll want to remember when selecting who your dentist will be. You don’t want to wait until an emergency situation arises to see your dentist for the first time. It is important to establish care as soon as possible. Perhaps you’ve had the same dentist for years, but you are curious if there is a better option for you in the community. Maybe you’ve just moved to a new location, and your last dentist is far away now. Either way, we have compiled some important tips so that you are better equipped to select the right dentist.

The first item that you want to look into is your insurance coverage. Most insurance companies will give you a list of dentists in your area that will accept your insurance. This is a great place to start. If you do not have insurance, you may want a list of dentists that provide additional discounts for people that pay their bill in full. Depending on if you have an HMO or a PPO, your costs will vary from dentist to dentist.

Our next tip is to ask for recommendations from family or friends. This is key because it gives you an insight into dentists in your area without you having to visit each one. It is important to ask people that you trust to see if that dentist would be a good fit for you. If you don’t have many people that you trust in your area, then jump on the internet and see what previous patients are saying about their dentist.

Once you’ve selected your top few candidates, you’ll need to take into consideration the location. How close is each dentist to either your home or your work? It might be beneficial to start seeing the closest one to you, unless you don’t mind a further commute to visit a different option. You will also want to verify the dentist’s hours.

Lastly, if you need any treatment beyond a simple cleaning, make sure that you verify what types of services the dental practice offers. If you are looking for additional services, or services for your children, call and find out if they can meet your needs.

Take your time when selecting the right dentist. Although it is important to get in as soon as possible, it is also important that you are comfortable when you go to visit your dentist. If you have any questions regarding how to select your dentist, contact us today!

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