Make Your Smile Sparkle This Christmas With Teeth Whitening

Posted by Ronald F. Jacob on Dec 15 2022, 08:06 AM

Teeth whitening treatments use bleach to make teeth whiter and brighter. The bleach breaks stains into smaller pieces, making the teeth appear brighter and whiter. Before patients undergo any procedure to whiten their teeth, they should typically visit the dentist for a consultation first. The dentist will determine if the patient is a good candidate for the treatment and what type of results they can expect. 

Why Is Teeth Whitening Necessary?

While your teeth are naturally white, over time, they can become discolored as the enamel wears down or stains from coffee, wine, tobacco, and other chemicals enter the mouth and stick to the teeth. As this happens, your bright smile begins to fade into a dingy yellow color that doesn't look as attractive as it once did.

Fortunately, teeth whitening can help restore a bright smile. When a dentist provides whitening services, they use special products designed to safely lift away surface stains from the teeth and reveal a whiter shade underneath. This helps reverse the dulling effects of age, food and drink, and tobacco use, all while helping patients feel confident in their smile and overall appearance.

If a patient wants whiter teeth, they can visit the office for a treatment performed in-office by a dental professional. The dentist will use a special whitening gel to carefully coat the teeth and then activate it with a specialized lamp to speed up the whitening process. After about an hour of sitting in the dentist's chair, the patient will notice their teeth are much brighter after the procedure.

Patients who have sensitive teeth and gums may want to consider a professional-grade at-home whitening kit or procedure instead. Some patients are better suited to get their teeth whitened gradually with custom-made thin plastic trays that can be filled with whitening gel at home. 

Are Teeth Whitening Results Permanent?

Patients should note that teeth whitening is not a permanent cosmetic improvement. This means that, over time, the teeth will likely become stained again. However, patients can take precautions to help prevent this by brushing regularly and avoiding too many foods and drinks that stain the teeth, such as coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, and other dark-colored liquids and sauces. Additionally, smokers should use an at-home smoker's toothpaste to help remove stubborn yellow and brown stains from their teeth. It would be best if you just quit smoking!

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