Signs You Have A Tooth Abscess

Posted by Dr. Ronald F. Jacob on Jul 4 2019, 03:21 AM

If you have a tooth abscess, you will want to have it treated as quickly as possible. An abscess is an infection that can spread into your blood stream and cause you to get seriously ill, or even kill you, if left untreated. Learning what the signs of a tooth abscess are will help you know when to get treatment. Here are a few of the signs that you may have a tooth abscess.


Severe Tooth Pain

When you have a tooth abscess, you may experience pain. However, there are many other reasons you may experience pain including a cavity or tooth sensitivity. Those who have had an abscess state that their tooth pain is severe. You may find yourself needing to take pain relievers around the clock or may turn to ice or heat for relief.

In many cases, this may offer you some bit of comfort that the pain will be still be present. If you are dealing with this level of dental pain, you will want to see a dentist immediately to help diagnose the pain and treat it. Chances are, you have a dental abscess.

Swelling Around the Jaw or Mouth Area

Another sign is swelling around the jaw or mouth area. The infection may spread from your tooth to the tissues surrounding the area. This can cause swelling or a lump around the jaw or mouth area. Typically, the swelling is seen near the affected area.

As such, if your dental abscess is in the lower right side of your mouth, that is where the swelling will be located. If you are experiencing dental pain in one area and wake up with swelling in that area the next day, that is a tell-tale sign you have a dental abscess and need treatment.

The Affected Area is Hot to the Touch

Another sign of an infection is skin that feels hot to the touch. If you are experiencing pain and place your hand on the outside of the cheek, mouth or jaw area and notice it feels hot to the touch, you likely have a dental abscess. The infection is causing your skin to heat up. Some people may also notice redness in this area.

You Are Running a Fever

The last sign of a dental abscess is a fever. If you are experiencing tooth pain and then experience a fever, you need to call a dentist. A fever accompanying tooth pain is never a good sign. You will want to start antibiotics quickly to fight the infection and reduce your fever.

If you are having extreme dental pain and/or are showing any of these signs, you will want to make an appointment with a dentist right away. The dentist will likely start you on a dose of antibiotics while they try to locate the source of the infection and determine how to treat it.

Getting treatment right away is important as an abscess can turn into something life threatening. If you are showing any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to contact our staff!

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