Family dentistry gives primary care and treatment for the whole family. A family dentist provides all the necessary services at one office. The appointments for the family can be scheduled at one time. 

What are the advantages of family dentistry?

Some of the advantages of family dentistry are as follows:

  • This dentistry is a convenient time-saver. 
  • Parents, children, and older family members don’t need another specialist to care for.
  • All the family members can get a regular dental check-up at the same time.
  • Inherited dental problems can be easily identified. In that way, extra steps can be taken to prevent them from transferring to children.

What is the specialized care provided for children?

Being a regular patient will prevent excessive dental anxiety or phobia, making children listen to them keenly. So:

  • The dentist can teach them about proper brushing and flossing, also the importance of avoiding sugary and acidic products for healthy teeth.
  • Children are given routine dental check-ups and cleanings. 
  • The dentist uses digital X-rays that have low exposure to radiation and screen for gum diseases.
  • They are also given fluoride treatments or sealants, and cavities are repaired, as well.

What is the specialized care provided to older patients?

Dental problems are quite different amongst older patients, but dentists know how to treat them well, so they are always prepared for it. The most common issues that arise in them are:

  • Dry mouth: The problem of dry mouth results in almost 30% of adults who are older than 65 years, making them likely to develop cavities. The side effect of the medications, they consume, or they consumed all this time usually causes this problem.
  • Root caries: The older patients may also have recessed gums, which puts them at high risk of developing root caries.

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